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Salary Reports

Job Salary Reports for the Most Popular Careers

Arts, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Information Technology, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Trades


General Business, Accounting, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Communications, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Digital Marketing & Advertising, Project Management, Sports Management, Healthcare Administration

Criminal Justice

Corrections, Crime Science Investigation, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Cyber Security, Forensic Science, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Legal & Paralegal Studies, Public Safety Administration, Security

Healthcare & Medical Assisting

General Healthcare & Medical Assisting, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Allied Health, Emergency Management (EMT), Health Science, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Management, Dental, Medical, or Pharmacy Technician, Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Office Assistant, Nutrition-Fitness & Sports Science, Public Health

Information Technology

General Computers & IT, Bootcamp Programs, Computer Programming, Data Science & Analytics, Game Art Development, Information Systems, Information Technology, IT Project Management, Network Security, Product and Graphic Design, Software Engineering, Web Development, Cybersecurity

Trade, Vocational, Career

General Trade, Vocational, Career, Automotive, Aviation, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Construction management, Electrical Technician, Fire Science, Truck Driver (CDL), HVAC, Welding

Education & Teaching

General Education & Teaching, Adult Education/Learning, Early Childhood Development, Educational Administration, K-12 Education, Social Studies, Special Education, Teacher Licensure

Liberal Arts

General Liberal Arts, Creative Writing & English, Communications, History, Religious Studies, Socialogy, Humanities, Political Science


Administrative Managers, Marketing Managers, Engineering Managers, Information Systems Managers, Construction Managers, Financial Managers, Human Resources Managers, Industrial Production Managers, Health Services Managers, Sales Managers

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Salary Reports

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