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At SalaryHub.org, you are teaming up with with data scientists, data modelers, salary experts, programmers, designers and writers to find salary reports you can actually use.

Know the salary you should be paid. Understand your salary expectations based on your location, education, and experience. Negotiate fair pay based on data.

With our team of data scientists, data modelers, salary experts, programmers, designers and writers, you have at your disposal over 300 years of experience, over 2 million data points calculated for more than 200 salary reports spanning all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Virgin Islands and Guam.



Finding salary rankings between similar professions and compare cost-of-living adjustments between professions, cities and states.



Compare salaries between experience and education along with professions, states and cities.



See the adjusted cost-of-living (COL) amount your salary means compared to other cities, states and the nation.



Forecast employment needs for professions, cities, regions and states


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We are an employee-first company and believe transparent salary information is the best way for employees and employers create long-standing, workable relationships

Our Data is Comes Annually from the Best, Most Up-To-Date Government, State and Industry Sources

With more than two hundred careers that we follow, you can find a salary report that interests you.

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