State and City Feedback – November 19

Hourly Wage Shows $0 –
Hourly Wages Show $0. Can we infer the hourly wage from yearly? By that I mean do a one time calculation in the SLQ of dividing yearly salary by 2080 hours to arrive at an hourly salary.

Percentage of Nurses Being 0%
Change this: “The percentage of U.S. Nursing Instructors who work in Hawaii is 0%.”
To this: “The percentage of U.S. Nursing Instructors who work in Hawaii is less than 1%.”

Compare Salary Table When Hourly is 0%
When Hourly is $0 but we have Annual, can we infer the Hourly?
When Hourly is $0, in the table, the US hourly also shows $0

Add Reading Time

Try adding the Reading Time short code, in the same position that it is in the Posts.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Source text/links and social media at bottom of page misplaced

When No City or Rural Summaries

It would seem that Nursing Instructors, I haven’t found others yet, have no City or Rural Summaries for the bottom, in the case of Nursing Instructors or others, let’s remove that H2.

Not Using Standard FAQ Block

2022 Nurse Anesthetists Salary Report

I noticed that I couldn’t edit the Accordion (FAQ) Block, and added one to see what would happen, it change the page formatting. It made the State-by-State Nurse Anesthetists Salary Summaries into a single column and then also changed FAQ section. I couldn’t reverse it as there was no revision version of the initially published page.

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